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What to do with your rego, RWC and Licence?

“What do I do with my registration, my RWC or my licence plates?” Is a question that United Cash for Cars gets asked a fair bit. We understand why: there is a bit of confusion when it comes to what exactly you need to do with your registration, your Road Worthy Certificate and licence plate. United Cash for Cars is happy to help with that with some sound advice.


Rego only becomes important if you have your car registered. Every year, you will be given the chance by VicRoads to renew your registration. If you pay the bill for another year, your car or vehicle is registered. There are two scenarios here:

  1. If your rego expires after the year and want to get some cash for your car, registration is not a problem. We could take the car on the spot and pay you some good cash for it.

  2. If you rego is still active, make sure you take off your licence plates and notify VicRoads that you are either keeping the plates for your next car or returning it to them to get a refund.

Licence Plates.

Under all circumstances you should have your licence plates removed from your car or vehicle. Licence plates fall under the responsibility of the owners, meaning you. Once you remove your plates, contact VicRoads to let them know what are doing with them. That way, they, the government and the Police know what is happening, meaning if something goes wrong, they can contact you.

With VicRoads you can tell them:

  • You are returning the plates for refund of what is left with your rego

  • You are keeping the plates for your next car (which is common for many custom-made plates)

  • You are keeping the plates for another car that you own; you are merely swapping over the plates

  • You want to retain the rights to using your custom-made plates

Road Worthy Certificate.

The least thing you have to worry about! When it comes to collecting your car, you don’t need to show your RWC to us. We do not need to know if your car or vehicle is up to driving standards because it won’t be driven again. When it comes to the RWC, don’t worry about it.

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