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Get in Touch With Us
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0432 012 232 The Number to Contact United Cash For Cars Melbourne.

Forget The Hassle, The Pain, the Drama.

The struggle, the annoyance, the hassle and the burden of getting rid of your car or vehicle. Dealing with people, posting up photos on sites, hoping they might call you. It’s as dramatic and time wasting as you can imagine. We understand all these feelings; which is why we have worked hard to establish ourselves as the team for you when it comes to getting rid of your car or vehicle quickly, effectively and efficiently with our cash for cars service. Oh, and did we mention that we will paying you money for it?

Why do the people of Melbourne love us?

Why do you think the people of Melbourne love our cash for cars removal service? We got a few pointers that will tell you why we are relied on, trusted by and ultimately wanted by a thousands of Melbourne residents and businesses:

  • With our experience, we know what we are doing with our cash for car service

  • We also pay good value and hard money with our cash for car removal service

  • Used cars, old cars, unwanted trucks, broken vans etc. It’s a large list. But to us, it’s all the same. We’ll take the car from your driveway.

  • Did we mention free quote and free pick up? We didn’t. We’ll probably mention it again at some point.

  • We drive and collect all over Melbourne. We don’t mind the drive.

Money, money, money…

For you, not for us. We got money and we want to spend it on your busted car or vehicle. And we are happy to pay you for it. Just a simple exchange of your disregarded vehicle or car for some cold hard cash. No qualms or dramas involved. Hell, we’ll even give you a free quote and pick up. Could you ask for better when it comes to a cash for old cars service?

Oh, so your car is like…

Aged, busted, useless, considered worse than junk, completely unloved? That is fine with us. We love all sorts of cars, even if you don’t. That’s what makes United Cash for Cars, United Cash for Cars! We have a tow truck that we will use to pick up and remove your car, regardless of how it is, and how you feel about it. That’s what makes our cash for cars removal service special.

Easy like A, B, C…

‘C’ being for cool and collected cash for used cars service. Oh, and linking back to it being easy, look at the steps below for our cash for car removal service.

  1. You give a call on our direct line on 0432 012 232

  2. You casually spill the beans on your car or vehicle that you have to get rid of. Tell us the year it was born, the make, the model and its condition.

  3. We (thanks to our years of experience) give you a fair and honest assessment of the value of your vehicle.

  4. You agree to it, because it’s worth every penny when you think about it. You tell us where you want us to collect your unwanted car or vehicle. Tell us a time to get it too.

  5. We’re there. When you need it. When you’re ready. Regardless of where you are in Melbourne.

  6. We give you the money that we agreed on with our free quote.

  7. Wave goodbye to your car or vehicle, as we tow it away. For free too.

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